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Further Details


How do I book a workshop or training session?


Reach out to us via our contact page. Let us know the type of session you would like to book and we can discuss some potential dates and times.


Where does Resonate operate?


We operate from our office in Copenhagen and we offer workshops and training sessions throughout Denmark.


How much notice do I need to give when booking a workshop or training session?

Please give us at least one week notice so we can best prepare for your needs.

What do I need to provide? 


A creative spirit, an open mind, and sufficient space to conduct the workshop or training session. A classroom, auditorium, or large meeting room is perfect. 


How many instructors will there be?


The workshops will be facilitated by 1-2 instructors. For staff training and private coaching, there will be 1 instructor.

How much communication experience do I need to get the most out of the training?

Our workshops and staff training sessions are designed for communicators at all levels of competency. Our one-on-one sessions go a step further and are specifically tailored to the individual's communication experience.


In what language are the sessions conducted?

All of our sessions are in English. As international science and most business is conducted in English, this provides an excellent opportunity for you to improve your articulation and pronunciation.

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