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Sharpen your skills.

Be the best communicator

you can be.

Taught by communication specialists, our workshops advance your ability to find the right narrative for an engaging presentation.


Interactive exercises unlock your capacity to connect with your audience in a meaningful way. 

Gain confidence and practical tools to take your communication to the next level.

We offer workshops and training sessions throughout Denmark.

Fundamental workshop
Master your voice, stage presence, and storytelling.
DKK 19.200
3 hours
Up to 20 participants
Intensive workshop
Advanced presentation and storytelling skills. Control your nerves and learn techniques for modern communication.
DKK 28.800
6 hours
Up to 20 participants
Staff training
A workshop focussed entirely on public speaking. Covers core aspects of voice control and body language, as well as team building activities.
DKK 12.000
3 hours
Up to 10 participants

All prices inclusive of VAT.

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